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About Sola Safe

Enjoy the freedom of outdoor living safe from UV Rays

Solasafe polycarbonate sheeting provides 99.9% rotection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage.
Outdoor family and children's play areas are part of the New Zealand lifestyle, and adding an outdoor living area to your home can enhance your family life and add value to your property.
Selecting the best roofing solution is the first step to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Look at the benefits!

Solasafe is available in a range of colours and profiles to suit your home and surroundings. Clear sheets transmit some 90% of glorious daylight. See the 'light' and 'heat' transmission tables for the percentage applicable to the various colours.
In cooler climates clear sheeting allows good heat transmission while in hot climates tinted sheets provise a reduction in transmitted heat aswell as reduced glare.
Often tinted sheets are used to blend with existing colour schemes or other roofing.

Inbuilt UV protection

Today UV rays are stronger than ever due to the degree of ozone layer depletion. Solasafe polycarbonate provides two way protection.
Solasafe not only block 99% of harmful UV rays so you can enjoy the sun without sunburn, the integral surfact treatment prevents UV from degrading the sheets surface and helps to prolong its life under the harsh New Zealand sun.

Strong and Lightweight

Solasafe is manufactured from polycarbonate an advanced polymer with optical and physical properties that can't be matched by other materials.
With impact strength 150 times that of tempered glass normal hail won't cause damage.

Peace of mind lifetime warranty

Solasafe polycarbonate sheeting is warranted by Ampelite (NZ) Ltd to give long service under normal usage. Full details of the warranty are available on Ampelite (NZ) Ltd's website.